New Year, New Resolutions – Healthy Weight for the Fur Babies Too

The start of a New Year tends to inspire people to make healthier habits and resolve to better living. And, as we look to 2022 to make healthier choices, it’s important to remember the furry family members as well.

Keeping your dog or cat at a healthy weight is an investment in their long term health and can help to set them up for more energy, better mobility and a longer lifespan. By avoiding obesity, you can help to lower the risks of arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers and more.

While it’s important to consult your veterinarian before major changes to your pet’s lifestyle, here are some simple tips to start down a path towards healthier body weights in 2022.

  • Rule out Health Concerns: Some health conditions may cause weight gain. If your pet has gained weight quickly or unexpectedly, a wellness check at their veterinarian may be in order to rule out thyroid or hormonal imbalances and other conditions.
  • Determine Body Condition Score: Most veterinarians look at the Body Condition Score (BCS) for your pet. This ranks your dog or cat on a scale of 1-9; 1 being underweight and 9 as obese. The ideal BCS score is 4.5 to 5, or slightly slim of mid-range. You can visit our website to find out how to estimate your dog or cat’s BCS.
  • Try out a Weight Management or Lower Caloric Food: It’s important to not restrict food intake too much. The goal of a weight loss diet should be to provide complete and balanced nutrition that will allow them to feel full while reducing total daily calories. At Fromm we make several weight management options for dogs and cats designed to promote healthy weight loss over time.
  • Make Exercise Enjoyable: For sedentary animals, starting slow is key. For dogs, a five minute walk is an excellent starting point along with in-home play. For cats, a laser pointer and toys that encourage active play will help them to get moving and burn calories.
  • Maintenance is Key: When your pet achieves their ideal weight, it’s important to stick to the life changes that helped get them there. Consistent diet, plenty of fresh water and playtime will help maintain the hard work.

    Source: Fromm Family Pet Foods

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