How to Keep Pets Safe This Halloween

dog with halloween costume

Ghosts and ghouls aren’t the only things to be afraid of this Halloween. The spooky holiday also plays host to a few dangers that are all too real for our pets. Here are a few tips to share with your customers to keep pets safe while enjoying the seasonal festivities. 

1. Keep candy stashed away

While candy may be a highlight of Halloween, many types of treats are toxic to cats and dogs, including chocolate, gum, and xylitol – a common sweetener. So, be sure to keep candy locked away and remind kiddos not to share their haul with pets. Also, keep the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center number saved in your phone (888-426-4435), just in case. 

2. Decorate with safety in mind

Before decking your house out in spooky décor, consider what may be a potential danger for curious pets. Lit candles inside pumpkins can be easily knocked over; Glow sticks or fake blood may be poisonous, and items like cobwebs and rubber decorations can be choking hazards. 

3. Choose Halloween costumes with care

Although it may make a great Instagram moment, don’t force your pet to wear a costume if it causes them distress. Costumes should fit comfortably and allow pets to breathe and move normally. Be sure to remove any dangling parts that could be chewed off or get caught on another object.  

4. Keep pets calm and secure

Keep your pet’s well-being and temperament in mind when making your Halloween plans this year. If they’re prone to anxiety, maybe skip handing out candy or hosting a party since people coming and going can cause distress. If you do have guests or trick-or-treaters, ensure your pet doesn’t accidentally sneak outside. It may even be prudent to secure them in another room during the festivities.

Source: Pet Business

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