All-natural grooming is perfect for pets with sensitive skin. Our natural products safely enhances the skin and coat of your pets.

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Diane & Marsha

Full-service, natural pet grooming.

We offer a wide variety of grooming services to fit everyone of your pet’s needs. We only use the best quality, all-natural, safe products available to address each pets unique skin & coat.

Our skilled pet grooming professionals will make your pets look their very best all while we take special care to put them at ease & keep them safe during all pet spa services.

Positive Pet Experience.

Our professional grooming services include: cutting, styling, de-matting & de-shedding, bathing, coat conditioning, anal expression, nail clipping or dremmeling, & ear cleaning.

We ask that pets arrive just prior to their scheduled appointment, if possible. We don’t want the pet to be in a crate for an extended period of time, further stressing the animal against the experience.

a chinese female dog groomer grooming a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog

Full-Service Grooming

  1. We bathe your pooch with a premier shampoo and conditioner to nourish their skin & coat.
  2. Blown dried with our quick, heat-free force dryer.
  3. Next is the hair-cut of your choice.
  4. Ear maintenance a necessity.
  5. Nails trimmed a necessity.
  6. Final touches of finishing sprays, cologne, bows or bandannas.

Bath, Brush-Out, & Basics

  1. We bathe your pooch with a premier shampoo and conditioner to nourish their skin & coat.
  2. Blown dried with our quick, heat-free force dryer.
  3. Ear maintenance a necessity.
  4. Nails trimmed a necessity.
  5. Final touches of finishing sprays, cologne, bows or bandannas.
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Grooming Packages

Name Starting Price
Furminator Package $20+
Nail Trim & Ear Cleaning $20+
Nail Grinding and Ear Cleaning $24+
Nail Trim, Shape Feet and Shave Pads $22+
Nail Grinding, Shape Feet and Shave Pads $26+
Short Hair Puppy Package $20
Long Hair Puppy Package $25


Add-On Price
Nail Grinding $6
Flea and Tick Treatment $15
De-Skunking $25
De-matting & Extra Brushing $15
Aloe & Oatmeal Shampoo with Cucumber Melon $8
Hypoallergenic/Puppy Shampoo with Coconut Lime Verbena $8
Medicated Anti-itch Shampoo $10
Antimicrobial Medicated Shampoo $10
Conditioner $7
Blueberry Facial $5
Paw & Nose Conditioning $3

A La Carte

Service Price
Teeth Brushing $8
Nail Trimming $12
Nail Grinding $15
Ear Cleaning $10
Ear Cleaning & Plucking $12
Face Trim $12
Paw Pads Shaved $7
Sanitary Cut $12
Anal Gland Expression $17


Offer Discount
Military - Active/Retired with Official ID 10%
Senior - 65 Years & Older 10%

* Our grooming package prices may vary based on breed, size of the pet and condition of the coat. All pricing information is subject to change.

Prices offered are according to average breed size, coat, and coat in good condition (minimal matting, minimal to average amount of dead undercoat).

Special Handling Fee $20.00 (Any dog that requires an additional groomer for holding ie. senior dog or a large/giant breed) **This is for the safety of your pet**

Private Room Fee $25.00 for 1 Dog (Any dog that can’t be crated and/or is aggressive around other dogs and people) $10.00 for each additional dog



Nikki is a lifelong resident of Camp Hill, and has been an animal lover since childhood. Nikki is a trained groomer with 17 years of experience, and has a high level of compassion and safety for your pet.



Hi, I’m Jackie, and super excited to become a part of the Benny’s family! My love of dogs began as a teenager.
In the ’70 I discovered a love for training when my Miniature Schnauzer and I were first introduced to AKC Obedience. Later on, with my Aussies, Merlin, Serendipity, and Pippin, we enjoyed Agility, Rally, Dock Diving, Nose Work, and Obedience.
In the ’80s, as my journey continued and my love of dogs grew, I was drawn to becoming a vet tech.  
Finally, in the early ‘90s, I decided to pursue dog grooming as my profession. I received my grooming certificate from the Maryland School of Dog Grooming in 1991. Following school, I began my own mobile grooming business. 
Early on in my grooming career, I discovered another passion for holistic health and nutrition. My passion for the health and wellbeing of our dogs led me to educate myself on the benefits of minimally processed diets and healing many health issues with proper nutrition. 
Throughout my life, I have enjoyed the company and love of many dogs and continue to be blessed every day with the two dogs I presently have, Pippin (Mini Aussie) and Breezie (Miniature Schnauzer). I also share my life with an African Grey named Zoe, two Cockatiels, Dash and Banjo Jack, and a goofy Black Headed conure named Martini!
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