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Hosted By Benny’s PET DEPOT

Special Thanks to Good Hope Animal Hospital for handling the vaccination services. Proceeds from the clinics will benefit the Paws of Hope Care Fund.

Good Hope Animal Hospital
6108 Carlisle Pike #120
Mechanicsburg PA 17050

Rabies 1 Year $10.00
Rabies 3 Years* $20.00
Distemper/Parvo $10.00
Bordetella (Kennel Cough) $10.00
Rabies 1 Year $10.00
Rabies 3 Year* $20.00
Distemper(Four-Way) $10.00

*Last vaccination must be no more than 2 months past the expiration date noted on the Rabies Vaccination Certificate. Owner must bring any/all documentation regarding the most recent rabies vaccination for pet to be eligible for 3 years Rabies Vaccine. We reserve the right to decline providing the 3yr rabies vaccine if documents are incomplete, severely damaged or do not accurately reflect the pet presented for vaccination.

All pets MUST be on a leash and under the owner’s control, or in a carrier. No exceptions! Our goal is to keep all pets and people safe while at our clinic.  Even if your cat doesn’t mind being carried in your arms, there may be dogs in the clinic line that are not cat-friendly.  If you don’t have a carrier we suggest using a box with air holes.

Your puppy is welcome – but be aware that if the puppy has not had shots yet, then he doesn’t have immunity to diseases that he may be exposed to when walking on the ground.  For that reason we encourage puppies be held in your arms or in a carrier. Benny’s PET DEPOT also sells cat carriers if you would like to purchase one.