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  • Research Finds No Link Between Grain-Free Diets & DCM

    A group of researchers found no definitive relationship between grain-free and legume-rich diets and dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) in dogs, according to the authors of a new article published in the Journal of Animal Science. Additionally, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) reported cases of DCM include incomplete information, making it impossible to draw any […]

  • Experts Advise Pet Owners To Address Separation Anxiety As Post-Quarantine Begins

    Most dogs, and probably plenty of cats, are loving the extra time they are getting with their humans during the various stay at home orders put in place during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, but with some states easing restrictions, this extra time may be coming to an end. Experts at Best Friends Animal Society, the nation’s largest no-kill animal welfare […]

  • 10 Poisonous Plants Pets Should Avoid

    Every day, Pet Poison Helpline receives dozens of phone calls from dog owners and cat owners saying “My cat ate a lily!” or “My dog ate a plant. Is it poisonous?” Some of the most poisonous plants for dogs and cats are reviewed below. While there are thousands of species of plants and flowers, only […]

  • A Letter To Our Friends & Family

    Dear friends and family, Due to the ongoing case growth of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we wanted to reach out to you to express our concerns and inform you of our increased frequency in our regular daily operations to keep our store clean and sanitized. We have been and have increased our practice in completing these […]

  • Can your dog get the Coronavirus?

    It’s common for dog owners to be stopped during walks by someone who wants to pet their pooch. “Of course,” they usually say, as they let their beloved dog jump into a random person’s arms. With all the concern surrounding COVID-19, better known as the coronavirus, pet parents may want to limit how much contact […]

  • February is National Pet Dental Month

    Bad breath in a dog is often dismissed simply as “doggy breath.” In fact, it may signal periodontal disease, which is the most common ailment suffered by dogs and cats over 3 years old. Preventing periodontal disease can result in longer, healthier lives for pets. To educate owners of this, February has been designated National […]

  • Helping Pets with Separation Anxiety

    We all miss our pets when we’re away, but sometimes our pets miss us a little too much. Separation anxiety is a common disorder, especially among dogs, affecting 20 to 40 percent of pups taken to visit veterinary behavior specialist. Separation anxiety is more than just occasional crying at the door for a bit when […]

  • What to Do When a Dog Eats Chocolate

    Some things just don’t mix well, like orange juice and toothpaste. Mixing other things, though, can have dire consequences—like dogs and chocolate. To keep pups safe this Halloween, here are a few tips retailers should share with pet owners about canines and chocolate: Why is chocolate bad for dogs? Chocolate contains two methylxanthines, caffeine and […]