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Benny’s PET DEPOT carries a wide variety of natural products to keep your pet happy and healthy. From toys and treats, to supplies and food, Benny’s PET DEPOT has everything you need for the furry member in your family.

Farmina N&D Pumpkin Grain-Free Canine

  • Acts as a Digestive Aid
  • Is a source of Beta-carotene (Vitamin A) and other natural antioxidants
  • Supports the immune system
  • Active against free radicals resulting also in an anti-carcinogenic effect
  • Promotes cardiovascular system protection
  • Regulates intestinal motility
  • Provides an anti-inflammatory effect

Nugget’s Healthy Eats Bone Brews

  • Slow-braised broths packed with essential amino acids such as glycine, proline & glutamine that boost health in numerous ways
  • Rich in gelatin, collagen, cartilage and marrow, real bone broth is known to enhance joint, coat/skin, digestion & immune system health
  • Premium marrow & knuckle bones are from animals humanely raised on open pastures, grass-fed & antibiotic/hormone-free

Nugget’s Healthy Eats Artisan Yogurt

  • Made from milk delivered by happy cows who are hormone/antibiotic-free, grass fed, and enjoy free pasture access
  • 5 strains of live cultures with billions of probiotics for healthy bellies & immune system support.

Grizzly Super Foods

  • Highly digestible proteins from wild Alaskan salmon—the first and main ingredient
  • Organic Coconut Meal for fiber and prebiotic support
  • Sprouted Organic Quinoa for natural vitamins and minerals
  • Superior Omega-3s from wild Alaskan salmon oil and cod liver oil
  • NO grains, gluten, potatoes, peas, or legumes!

Honest Kitchen Joyful Jerky

  • Bite-sized scrumptious bits of jerky that are great for snacks or used as training treats
  • Easy to break into smaller pieces for dogs on the more petite side
  • 100% human grade

Carna 4 Sprouted Seed Snacks

  • Nutritious source of minerals, especially magnesium, potassium, folate and zinc; vitamins including niacin (B3), thiamin (B1), A ,C, K and beta carotene
  • Perfect complement to Raw diets or a great improvement to the daily nutrition of dogs eating processed foods

Earth Animal Oven Baked Treats

  • Made with our wholesome ingredients, sourced from organic farms in the USA
  • Rich in monounsaturated fats, the type of healthy fats that dogs need
  • High in protein and fiber, omega-3 and unsaturated fats

Small Batch Freeze-Dried Heart Treats

  • No hormones, no antibiotics
  • Grain, corn and soy free
  • No fillers, additives, or preservatives
  • Made with 100% California-grown ingredients

Honest Kitchen Nuzzle Dog Treats

  • Grain free, all-natural dog cookie
  • Low calorie training treat
  • Available in fish & pumpkin, duck & cherry, chicken & cranberry, beef & blueberry